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Forestry Extraction is the process of moving timber out of the woodland, this is carried out via a winch which pulls the timber to a level location in the woodland where it can then be put onto a lorry or trailer for haulage to our yard. Winching timber is a very productive way to get large amounts of timber out of a woodland, as you can pull multiple amounts at once and you can generally stay in one position and pull many pieces of timber to one site. Winching can also aid in the process of felling trees, as a winch will pull a tree over in the direction you want it, this is another service that we can provide.


What is forestry extraction?

This is the process of moving timber out of the woodland to an accessible site (ride side) for collection via Lorries. This process is carried out using a winch and tractor to pull the felled timber to tracks and rides in the woodland.

I can cut down my own trees but cannot get them out of the woodland

We provide a forestry extraction service where we can bring our equipment in and winch timber to ride side for you.

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