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Seasoned Firewood Suppliers

All Seasons GM Ltd deliver locally sourced Sustainable Seasoned Firewood across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire. From our yard near Tewkesbury we deliver all year round, not just in the winter months, supplying hardwood logs mainly a mix of Ash, Oak, Beech, and Silver Birch.

All Firewood is bought from local Estates and forestry contractors where Sustainable Forest Management is in place. This means that woodlands are felled or thinned for Firewood production but replanting and regeneration of trees is paramount.

Firewood is then stored in our yard air drying naturally, this is otherwise known as seasoning. The timber will then be processed into logs, please see the video.

Our standard log length is 8-10 inches; however we can cater for specific requirements.

Moisture content is very important when it comes to burning. With too much moisture in the logs they will not burn properly, giving more smoke and less heat. If the logs are too dry they will burn very quickly. Seasoned Firewood should be 25% or less.

Firewood is delivered on a tipping trailer which is divided into 4 compartments. Each compartment measuring 1.2m3 (loose).

This is then tipped onto your driveway or convenient place. A stacking service is offered upon order at an extra cost.

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Woodsure Certified Suppliers

Woodsure is a not-for-profit organisation, striving to raise the quality of woodfuel in the industry. The Woodsure certification scheme and its logo show woodfuel users that All Seasons GM Ltd produces woodfuel products that are manufactured from sustainable woodlands and to a recognised quality standard. All Seasons GM Ltd are proud to be the first Woodsure certified supplier within the Tewkesbury area.

Frequently Asked Firewood Questions

Why do I need seasoned firewood?

By buying seasoned firewood this means that the logs have had enough time to season i.e. dry out, so that they burn efficiently and give off the most heat. Unseasoned logs will use a lot of the energy from the fire to try and dry out the logs whilst trying to burn.

Where should I store my seasoned firewood?

We recommended that the firewood is stored in a dry, cool, aired place. Ideally outside where the air can get to it, as firewood is drying out all the time and needs air to do this. If it is completely covered over i.e. with a tarpaulin it can sweat and cause mould as firewood needs to breath.

Do I have to stack my own seasoned firewood?

A stacking service for your seasoned firewood is available on request, simply choose this option when ordering.

What’s the rough moisture within your firewood?

Firewood is cut and stored within a dry place for a period of time long enough for the moisture content to be 25% or less.

What type of firewood do you sell?

We only sell seasoned hardwood i.e. Ash, Oak, Beech, Silver birch, Sycamore.


Order Your Seasoned Firewood

All Seasons GM Ltd provide locally produced seasoned firewood and work in an ethical and sustainable way, replanting the local forestry and woodlands.

Seasoned Firewood Testimonials

D. Warner, Tirley
“I recommended a friend of a friend to you last week and I believe they ordered firewood! I’ll keep recommending you”
Sandy Folkes
“Just to say Thank You so much for the firewood and excellent service I received from you today.”
Alistair Brodie, Upton Upon Severn
“Just wanted to say thanks for the log delivery last Friday, Correctly sized, decent firewood .. and friendly staff!”
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