Woodsure Certified Woodfuel Suppliers

Woodsure is a not-for-profit organisation, striving to raise the quality of woodfuel in the industry. The Woodsure Certification Scheme and its logo show woodfuel users that All Seasons GM Ltd produces woodfuel products that are manufactured from sustainable woodlands and to a recognised quality standard. All Seasons GM Ltd are proud to be the first Woodsure certified supplier within the Tewkesbury area.

About Woodsure

The Woodsure team have extensive woodfuel industry experience and understand the need to evolve within the woodfuel industry sector. Woodsure saw the need for a woodfuel quality assurance scheme to help raise the standards of the woodfuel being delivered across the UK. This requirement starts at the source of the supply chain ensuring that the firewood is only produced from sustainable forestry and woodland.

How Woodsure Work

The Woodsure Certification program thoroughly checks firewood producers to ensure that we produce woodfuel that is of a certain standard. To avoid poor quality woodfuel and the problems that it causes, the Woodsure certification checks our products to ensure that we comply with EN and Önorm standards. These standards are the requirements laid out by boiler manufacturers and installers to use woodfuel with their products.

Customers who purchase from a Woodsure certified firewood producer such at All Seasons GM Ltd can be assured that we as a producer have been tested, checked and have demonstrated we are able to produce and supply a quality product from a sustainable source.

Watch Our Process

Why Buy Woodsure Certified Fuel?

  • The woodfuel will be supplied in the right size, ensuring your boiler feed system doesn’t block.
  • The woodfuel will have the correct moisture content allowing your boiler or stove to work efficiently.
  • We provide a guarantee that the fuel you buy meets recognised standards and fulfils the required specification for your appliance, securing your warranty.
  • The Woodsure standard ensures that the woodfuel is sourced from sustainable sources, where the trees cut down are re-planted, helping to lock up more carbon dioxide.

Fuel quality is an extremely important consideration for anyone running a wood burning stove or biomass boiler; low quality woodfuel is one of the main causes of breakdowns, chimney fires and air quality issues.

In summary, you will have fewer issues with your boiler or stove, your appliance will run more efficiently and because of the sustainable nature you will be helping maintain the environment.